Monthly Archives: August 2018

4th and Goal Every Day, Phil Savage

Inside the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Nick Saban 'Process' that has made the team dominant in recent years.

The QB, Bruce Feldman

Bruce Feldman's book looks at the quarterback coaching industry and how it is trying to prepare prospects for one of the most difficult jobs in sport.

League of Denial, Mark Fainaru-Wada & Steve Fainaru

One of the most important books about American football today, and one that all contemporary fans should make time for.

Football, Walter Iooss Jr & Dan Jenkins

A collection of some of the greatest football photos taken by sports photography legend Walter Iooss Jr.

Best of Rivals, Adam Lazarus

Adam Lazarus tells the story of the bitter rivalry between Joe Montana and his backup Steve Young.

Boys Will Be Boys, Jeff Pearlman

Brilliantly written, meticulously researched and full of riveting stories, Boys Will Be Boys is an essential read.

Collision Low Crossers, Nicholas Dawidoff

A year with the 2011 Jets ends in frustration for the team - but still makes for an excellent book.

The Draft, Pete Williams

Pete Williams follows the players, agents, scouts and trainers preparing for the 2005 NFL Draft.