Monthly Archives: September 2018

The Genius of Desperation​, Doug Farrar

An excellent chronological look at the development of professional football strategy.

Football for a Buck, Jeff Pearlman

Jeff Pearlman delivers the chaotic - and frequently hilarious - story of the USFL.

Doug Farrar: ‘Clark Shaughnessy was an overlooked innovator’

Doug Farrar talks about the history of NFL strategy and his first book, The Genius of Desperation.

Paper Lion, George Plimpton

There aren't many football books that can boast a recommendation by Ernest Hemingway.

Jeff Pearlman: ‘The USFL foreshadowed Trump’s presidency’

Jeff Pearlman talks the USFL, Donald Trump and his favourite football books.

The View from the O-Line, Howard Mudd & Richard Lister

A combination of tribute to, and explanation of, the work of offensive linemen, written by one of the great O-Line coaches.

Adam Lazarus: ‘The 80s stars are still larger-than-life to me’

Adam Lazarus, author of three football books, talks about an epic Joe Gibbs interview, the writing process and his favourite books.

The Billion Dollar Game, Allen St John

Allen St John, a former Wall Street Journal writer, attempts to provide an overview of everything that goes into making the Super Bowl happen, with mixed results.