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Top five: NFL strategy books

it's never been easier for fans to increase their understanding of the sport thanks to a plethora of social media accounts, websites and, of course, books. Here are five great reads on football strategy.

Dr Robert Turner: ‘NFL players don’t really have free agency’

Dr Robert Turner talks about how football players are treated and what needs to change at the college and professional levels of the game.

Review: Guts and Genius, Bob Glauber

Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells and Joe Gibbs dominated the NFL in the 1980s. Bob Glauber looks at their careers.

Review: Mavericks, Money and Men, Charles K Ross

The AFL changed football in many ways but perhaps one of the most important was in the role of black players.

Top five: the most expensive football books

A guide to some of the most expensive American football books.