Monthly Archives: February 2019

Review: Slow Getting Up by Nate Jackson

Former Denver Bronco Nate Jackson writes an honest and amusing book about life in the NFL for a player "at the bottom of the pile".

Top five: books about the business of football

Every aspect of the NFL is governed by ruthless business logic. Here are five of the best books to shed light on the business side of the game.

Review: The Dark Side of the Game by Tim Green

In The Dark Side of the Game, former Falcon Tim Green reveals the aspects of pro football that insiders don't like to talk about.

Ralph Hickok: Crashing the Hall of Fame with Johnny Blood

Ralph Hickok, a sports historian for more than 50 years, talks football books, writing and Johnny Blood.

Review: The Hidden Game of Football by Bob Carroll, Pete Palmer & John Thorn

The Hidden Game of Football essentially created the field of football analytics. It changed how sportswriters and analysts looked at the game.

Hank Gola: ‘I wanted to write it as a gift to my hometown’

Hank Gola has been a sportswriter for more than 40 years. His latest book, City of Champions, tells the fascinating story of the 1939 high school national champions.

Top five: NFL history books

If you want to get to grips with the 100-year history of the NFL then these five books are a good place to start.