Monthly Archives: March 2019

Jack Gilden: ‘I was surprised how much the Colts revered Unitas’

Jack Gilden, author of Collision of Wills, talks about tracking down retired Colts, the importance of storytelling to sport and his mentors.

Review: The Other League by Jack Horrigan and Mike Rathet

Published in 1970, The Other League serves as a handsome memorial to the American Football League, which merged with the NFL after its 1969 season.

Gary Myers: ‘The Cowboys are a $5bn Mom and Pop operation’

Gary Myers, an author and journalist who has covered the NFL for 40 years talks about the Cowboys, writing and his favourite books.

Review: So You Think You Know Football? by Ben Austro

Ben Austro's So You Think You Know Football? offers a chance for fans to not only test their knowledge but also to understand why the rules work the way they do.

Top five: books for Chicago Bears fans

Whether you're a new Bears fan or one who has followed the team for decades, this list that will teach you something new and bring to life old glories.