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Review: Scoreboard, Baby by Ken Armstrong and Nick Perry

Ken Armstrong and Nick Perry's excellent book on the scandal-soaked 2000 Washington Huskies is an essential read.
Peter King

Peter King: ‘I like writing things that haven’t been written before’

A sportswriter and author with almost 40 years experience, Peter King talks about his writing approach, favourite football books and one book he wish had been written.

Top five: football fiction

Fiction can take us closer to the people who play these sports than any non-fiction writer can. Here are five of the best football novels.

Review: How Football Explains America by Sal Paolantonio

ESPN journalist Sal Paolantonio's book, How Football Explains America, frequently feels like the material is being squeezed to fit the narrative.

Michael MacCambridge: ‘I never considered myself a proper sportswriter’

The author of some of the greatest football books, including America's Game and Chuck Noll: His Life's Work, talks about writing those and his next book.

Review: Brand NFL by Michael Oriard

Academic and former Kansas City Chiefs player Michael Oriard examines the NFL's growth as a brand.

Top five: coffee table books

It isn't as easy as it looks to make a great coffee table book but here are five that are worth tracking down.