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John Feinstein: ‘I’m not their buddy but I want them to be comfortable with...

Prolific sports writer John Feinstein discusses the life of an NFL quarterback and how he gains the trust of his subjects.

Review: NFL 100 by Rob Fleder

There will be many books marking the NFL's 100th season over the next few months but this is the big one, the NFL's official tome, the one that gets the special logo and the fancy gold football on the cover.

Top five: high school football books

As these five books demonstrate, the appeal of high school football is often about local identity and small communities trying to hold onto their place in a world that is leaving them behind.

Review: Kansas City vs Oakland by Matthew C Ehrlich

Not entirely about football, Kansas City vs Oakland looks at how the rivalry between the cities played out in football, baseball and elsewhere.
Lars Anderson

Lars Anderson: ‘Bryant and Saban were identical from shoulders up’

Lars Anderson, author of nine football books, on Bear Bryant and Nick Saban as Alabama coaches, and his writing career to date.

Review: NFL Century by Joe Horrigan

Joe Horrigan, who spent 42 years as the Pro Football Hall of Fame's resident historian, examines the history of the NFL as the league celebrates its 100th season.

Review: Instant Replay by Jerry Kramer

Instant Replay, Jerry Kramer's diary of the Green Bay Packers' 1967 season, has rightly earned its place among the great football books.

Top five: books for Dallas Cowboy fans

Love them or hate them, there's no denying the Cowboys' record of success or their larger than life stories. Here are five of the best books about Dallas's finest.