Monthly Archives: November 2019

Friday Night Lights by HG Bissinger, review

Friday Night Lights, which chronicles a Texas high school football team's quest for glory, remains an essential read.

Craig Ellenport: ‘Without the 1958 NFL championship game, the AFL doesn’t happen’

Former senior editor Craig Ellenport discusses the biggest moments in NFL history and the challenge of coming up with a top 100.

Gridiron Genius by Michael Lombardi, review

Former Patriots and Browns personnel man Michael Lombardi on the secrets of building a winning team.

Top five: books on football and race

Race plays a central role in American history, so it's no surprise that it is entwined with the history of football too. Here are five great books on race and football.

NFL 100 by Craig Ellenport, review

The 100 greatest moments from the NFL's first 100 years is one of those ideas that was waiting to be done. Craig Ellenport, former senior editor at, has taken up the challenge.