By team

Below is a list of titles on Pigskin Books organised by league and team. Books listed under NFL are books that are about the league as a whole and not a specific team. Books listed under team are predominantly about the team or written by an author who is mostly associated with that team. Books that contain significant material about more than one team are listed under all the relevant teams.

Bill Carter (with Marc Gunther): Monday Night Mayhem (1988) [Stub]
Jack Clary: The Gamemakers (1976) [Stub]
Dan Daly (with Bob O’Donnell): The Pro Football Chronicle (1990) [Review]
Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru): League of Denial (2013) [Review]
David Harris: The League (1986) [Stub]
Mark Leibovich: Big Game (2018) [Review]
Michael MacCambridge: America’s Game (2004) [Review] [Top Five]
NFL Properties: The First 50 Years (1969) [Review]
Allen St. John: The Billion Dollar Game (2009) [Review]
Pete Williams: The Draft (2006) [Review]
Mark Yost: Tailgating, Sacks and Salary Caps (2006) [Review]

Charles K Ross: Mavericks, Money and Men (2016) [Review]

Jim Byrne: The $1 League (1987) [Stub]
Jeff Pearlman: Football for a Buck (2018) [Review]

World League
Lars Anderson: The Proving Ground (2001) [Feature] [Top Five]
Alex Cassidy: American Football’s Forgotten Kings (2015) [Feature]
Nick Richards: Touchdown UK (2009) [Feature]

49ers (San Francisco)
Bob Glauber: Guts and Genius (2018) [Review]
Adam Lazarus: Best of Rivals (2012) [Review]
Bill Walsh: Finding the Winning Edge (1998) [Review]

Bears (Chicago)
Jim Dent: Monster of the Midway (2003) [Stub]
George Halas: Halas by Halas (1979) [Stub]

Bills (Buffalo)
Adam Lazarus: Super Bowl Monday (2011) [Top Five]
Jeffrey Miller: Rockin the Rockpile (2007) [Stub]

Broncos (Denver)
Nate Jackson: Slow Getting Up (2013) [Top Five]

Browns (Cleveland)
Bernie Parrish: They Call It A Game (1971) [Stub]
Andy Piascik: The Best Show in Football (2007) [Stub]
Terry Pluto: Browns Town 1964 (2003) [Stub]

Cardinals (Chicago/ St Louis/ Phoenix/ Arizona)
Bruce Arians: The Quarterback Whisperer (2017) [Review]
Dave Meggyesy: Out of Their League (1970) [Review]

Colts (Baltimore/ Indianapolis)
Bruce Arians: The Quarterback Whisperer (2017) [Review]
Mark Bowden: The Best Game Ever (2008) [Review]
Tom Callahan: Johnny U (2006) [Stub]
Art Donovan: Fatso (1987) [Stub]
Jack Gilden: Collision of Wills (2018) [Review]

Cowboys (Dallas)
Kevin Cook: The Last Headbangers (2012) [Review]
Jeff Pearlman: Boys Will Be Boys (2009) [Review]

Eagles (Philadelphia)
Johnny Anonymous: NFL Confidential (2016) [Top Five]
Mark Bowden: Bringing the Heat (1994) [Review]

Falcons (Atlanta)
Tim Green: The Dark Side of the Game (1997) [Top Five]

Giants (New York)
Bob Glauber: Guts and Genius (2018) [Review]
Jerry Izenberg: No Medals for Trying (1990) [Top Five]
Adam Lazarus: Super Bowl Monday (2011) [Top Five]

Jets (New York)
Dave Anderson: Countdown to Super Bowl (1969) [Top Five]
Nicholas Dawidoff: Collision Low Crossers (2013) [Review] [Top Five]

Lions (Detroit)
George Plimpton: Paper Lion (1965) [Review]

Packers (Green Bay)
David Maraniss: When Pride Still Mattered (2000) [Stub]
Larry Names: The History of the Green Bay Packers (1987-1995) [Stub]
David Zimmerman: Lambeau (2003) [Stub]

Patriots (Boston/New England)
Steve Belichick: Football Scouting Methods (1962) [Feature]
David Halberstam: The Education of a Coach (2005) [Feature]
Michael Holley: War Room (2011) [Feature]
John Powers: Fridays With Bill (2018) [Review]
Christopher Price: The Blueprint (2007) [Feature]

Raiders (Oakland/Los Angeles)
Bryan Burwell: Madden: A Biography (2011) [Review]
Kevin Cook: The Last Headbangers (2012) [Review]
John Madden (with Dave Anderson): Hey, Wait a Minute (1984) [Review]

Ravens (Baltimore)
John Feinstein: Next Man Up (2006) [Review] [Top Five]

Redskins (Boston/Washington)
William Gildea and Kenneth Turan: The Future Is Now (1972) [Stub]
Bob Glauber: Guts and Genius (2018) [Review]
Corinne Griffith: My Life With the Redskins (1947) [Stub]
Tom Dowling: Coach – A Season With Lombardi (1970) [Stub]

Steelers (Pittsburgh)
Bruce Arians: The Quarterback Whisperer (2017) [Review]
Roy Blount Jr: About Three Bricks Shy… And the Load Filled Up (1984) [Top Five]
Kevin Cook: The Last Headbangers (2012) [Review]