Finding the Winning Edge by Bill Walsh, review

One of the treasures of NFL books. Bill Walsh offers an in-depth view of the job of a head coach.

The View from the O-Line, Howard Mudd & Richard Lister

A combination of tribute to, and explanation of, the work of offensive linemen, written by one of the great O-Line coaches.

The Quarterback Whisperer, Bruce Arians

The former Arizona Cardinals head coach shares his experience of working with some of the game's top QBs.

Madden: A Biography, Bryan Burwell

The life and career of a coaching and broadcasting legend.

The Gamemakers, Jack Clary

Eight head coaches share their winning philosophies in this NFL-published book that can 'make you a winner'.

Fifth Quarter, Jennifer Allen

Jennifer Allen writes about growing up as the daughter of an NFL head coach.

The Future is Now, William Gildea & Kenneth Turan

A look at George Allen, then head coach of the Redskins.

Halas by Halas, George Halas

Autobiography of the founding owner of the Chicago Bears and one of the most significant figures in NFL history.