NFL pre-game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

The American Football Revolution by Ben Isaacs, review

The American Football Revolution tells the story of the NFL's rise in the UK, through the eyes of some of the sports most dedicated fans.

Rocket Men by John Eisenberg, review

John Eisenberg presents a deeply researched look at the struggle for equal treatment for black quarterbacks.

Top five: football books for autumn 2023

Five football books to look out for in autumn 2023.
Texas Stadium

Hole in the Roof by Burk Murchison and Michael Granberry, review

Hole in the Roof makes the case for the Cowboys' Texas Stadium as an influence on the evolution of NFL stadiums.

The Sports Illustrated Football Book by Rob Fleder, review

First published in the mid-2000s, this lavish coffee table book combines amazing photography with writing from some of Sports Illustrated’s biggest names.
Tom Brady

It’s Better to be Feared by Seth Wickersham, review

Seth Wickersham delivers a well-written and deeply reported examination of the Belichick and Brady era in New England.

Round Zero by Andy Phillips, review

Andy Phillips interviews GMs, coaches, players and agents as he sheds light on the NFL Draft process.
Andy Phillips

Andy Phillips: The NFL Draft behind closed doors

Andy Phillips on how his own experience raised questions about how the NFL Draft works and led him to interview GMs, coaches and players for his book, Round Zero,