Texas Stadium

Hole in the Roof by Burk Murchison and Michael Granberry, review

Hole in the Roof makes the case for the Cowboys' Texas Stadium as an influence on the evolution of NFL stadiums.
M&T Bank Stadium

Glory For Sale by Jon Morgan, review

The Browns' move to Baltimore and the Colts' move to Indianapolis and contrasted in this expertly reported analysis of the NFL's era of franchise free agency.

Review: Brand NFL by Michael Oriard

Academic and former Kansas City Chiefs player Michael Oriard examines the NFL's growth as a brand.
Roger Goodell

Big Game, Mark Leibovich

Mark Leibovich, who writes for the New York Times Magazine and mostly deals in the world of politics, goes behind the scenes of the NFL.

The Billion Dollar Game, Allen St John

Allen St John, a former Wall Street Journal writer, attempts to provide an overview of everything that goes into making the Super Bowl happen, with mixed results.

Tailgating, Sacks and Salary Caps, Mark Yost

If you're interested in the economic side of the NFL then this is a solid grounding.

The League, David Harris

David Harris's 1986 book shed light on the backroom tensions causing problems for the NFL.

Monday Night Mayhem, Marc Gunther & Bill Carter

The behind-the-scenes story of the creation of ABC television's Monday Night Football.