Team and League Index

If you are looking for a book about a specific team or league, this is where you will find them. Books listed by league are predominantly about the league as a whole, rather than football in general or a team in particular.

For example, League of Denial is about football and concussion but it’s primarily about how the issue was handled by the NFL, so I’ve included it as an NFL book. Keith Dunnavant’s Montana is about a player who played almost entirely with the 49ers and therefore it’s listed as a 49ers book. Super Bowl Monday by Adam Lazarus is about Super Bowl XXV, between the Bills and the Giants, and therefore is listed under both teams. Finally, not all books on the site are listed here. For example, Tim Layden’s Blood, Sweat and Chalk is about football strategy in general and not about any league or team in particular, so you won’t find it here.


Ben Austro, So You Think You Know Football? (2015) [Review]
Tom Bennett, The Pro Style (1976) [Top Five: Strategy]
Will Carroll and Tyler Brooke, The Science of Football [Review
Bill Carter and Marc Gunther, Monday Night Mayhem (1988) [Stub]
Richard Crepeau, NFL Football (2020) [Review]
Dan Daly and Bob O’Donnell, The Pro Football Chronicle (1990) [Review]
Tom Danyluk, The Super 70s (2005) [Top Five: 1970s]
Chuck Day and Don Weiss, The Making of the Super Bowl (2003) [Top Five: Super Bowl]
John Eisenberg, The League (2018) [Review] [Top Five: History]
Craig Ellenport, NFL 100 (2019) [Review] [Top Five: NFL 100]
Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru, League of Denial (2013) [Review]
Rob Fleder, NFL 100 (2019, ed.) [Review] [Top Five: NFL 100]
David Harris, The League (1986) [Stub]
Mickey Herskowitz, The Golden Age of Pro Football (1974) [Stub]
Joe Horrigan, NFL Century (2019) [Review] [Top Five: NFL 100]
Walter Iooss Jr and Dan Jenkins, Football (1986) [Review]
Mark Leibovich, Big Game (2018) [Review]
Michael MacCambridge, America’s Game (2004) [Review] [Top Five: History]
Tex Maule and Robert Riger, The Pros (1960) [Review]
NFL Properties, The First 50 Years (1969) [Review] [Top Five: History]
Michael Oriard, Brand NFL (2007) [Top Five: Business]
Jerry Rice, America’s Game (2019) [Top Five: NFL 100]
Brad Schultz, The NFL Year Zero (2013) [Top Five: 1970s]
Fred Segal, Freezing Cold Takes: NFL (2022) [Review]
Matthew Sherry, Any Given Sunday (2020) [Review]
Sports Illustrated, Super Bowl Gold (2003) [Top Five: Super Bowl]
Allen St John, The Billion Dollar Game (2009) [Review]
Joe Zagorski, The NFL in the 1970s (2016) [Top Five: 1970s]

NFL Europe

Lars Anderson, The Proving Ground (2001) [Feature] [Top Five: Insiders]
Alex Cassidy, American Football’s Forgotten Kings (2015) [Feature]
Nick Richards, Touchdown UK (2009) [Feature]

American Football League (1960-1969)

Tom Danyluk, The Lost Super Bowls (2016) [Top Five: Super Bowl]
Jack Horrigan and Mike Rathet, The Other League (1970) [Review]
Charles K Ross, Mavericks, Money and Men (2016) [Review]

United States Football League

Jim Byrne, The One Dollar Football League (1987) [Review] [Top Five: Expensive]
Jeff Pearlman, Football for a Buck (2018) [Review]

49ers (San Francisco)

Keith Dunnavant, Montana (2015) [Top Five: 49ers]
Bob Glauber, Guts and Genius (2018) [Review]
Adam Lazarus, Best of Rivals (2012) [Review] [Top Five: 49ers]
Dave Newhouse, Founding 49ers (2015) [Top Five: 49ers]
Bill Walsh, Finding the Winning Edge (1998) [Review] [Top Five: 49ers] [Top Five: Expensive]
Steve Young, QB (2017) [Top Five: 49ers]

Bears (Chicago)

Rick Cohen, Monsters (2013) [Top Five: Bears]
Jim Dent, Monster of the Midway (2003) [Stub] [Top Five: Bears]
George Halas, Halas By Halas (1979) [Stub] [Top Five: Bears]
Jeff Pearlman, Sweetness (2011) [Top Five: Bears]
Gale Sayers, I Am Third (1970) [Top Five: Bears]

Bengals (Cincinnati)

Ken Anderson, The Art of Quarterbacking (1984) [Top Five: Bengals]
George Cantor, Paul Brown (2008) [Review] [Top Five: Bengals]
Jonathan Knight, The Ghost of Paul Brown (2018) [Top Five: Bengals]
Chick Ludwig, The Legends (2004) [Top Five: Bengals]
Steve Watkins and Dick Maloney, Classic Bengals (2018) [Top Five: Bengals]

Bills (Buffalo)

Adam Lazarus, Super Bowl Monday (2011) [Top Five: Super Bowl] [Top Five: Giants] [Top Five: The NFL and the Presidency]
Jeff Miller, Rockin’ the Rockpile (2007) [Review]

Broncos (Denver)

Nate Jackson, Slow Getting Up (2013) [Review] [Top Five: Confessionals]
Wade Phillips, Son of Bum (2017) [Review]

Browns (Cleveland)

Bruce Arians, The Quarterback Whisperer (2017) [Review]
George Cantor, Paul Brown (2008) [Review] [Top Five: Bengals]
Jonathan Knight, The Ghost of Paul Brown (2018) [Top Five: Bengals]
Bernie Parrish, They Call It A Game (1971) [Stub]
Andy Piascik, The Best Show in Football (2007) [Stub]
Terry Pluto, Browns Town 1964 (2003) [Stub]

Buccaneers (Tampa Bay)

John Feinstein, The Quarterback (2018) [Review]
Jason Vuic, The Yucks (2016) [Review]

Cardinals (Arizona – previously Chicago/ St Louis/ Phoenix)

Bruce Arians, The Quarterback Whisperer (2017) [Review]
Dave Meggyesy, Out of Their League (1970) [Review] [Top Five: Confessionals]

Chargers (Los Angeles – previously San Diego/ Los Angeles)

Josh Katzowitz, Sid Gillman: Father of the Passing Game (2012) [Review]

Chiefs (Kansas City – previously Dallas Texans)

Dick Connor, Kansas City Chiefs [Top Five: Chiefs]
Matthew Ehrlich, Kansas City vs Oakland (2019) [Review]
John Eisenberg, Ten-Gallon War [Top Five: Chiefs]
John Feinstein, The Quarterback (2018) [Review]
Harvey Frommer, When It Was Just A Game (2015) [Top Five: Chiefs]
Michael MacCambridge, ’69 Chiefs (2019) [Review] [Top Five: Chiefs]
Lamar Hunt (2012) [Top Five: Chiefs]
Joe Zagorski, America’s Trailblazing Middle Linebacker (2020) [Review]

Colts (Indianapolis – previously Baltimore)

Bruce Arians, The Quarterback Whisperer (2017) [Review]
Mark Bowden, The Best Game Ever (2008) [Review] [Top Five: Colts]
Tom Callahan, Johnny U (2006) [Stub] [Top Five: Colts]
Art Donovan, Fatso! (1987) [Stub]
John Feinstein, The Quarterback (2018) [Review]
William Gildea, When the Colts Belonged to Baltimore (1994) [Top Five: Colts]
Jack Gilden, Collision of Wills (2018) [Review]
Gary Myers, Brady vs Manning (2015) [Top Five: Colts]
Bill Polian (with Vic Carucci), The Game Plan (2014) [Top Five: Colts]
John Steadman, From Colts to Ravens (1997) [Review]

Commanders (Washington)

Jennifer Allen, Fifth Quarter (2000) [Stub]
Tom Dowling, Coach (1970) [Stub]
The Quarterback (2018) [Review]
William Gildea and Kenneth Turan, The Future Is Now (1972) [Stub]
Bob Glauber, Guts and Genius (2018) [Review]
Corinne Griffith, My Life With the Redskins (1947) [Stub]

Cowboys (Dallas)

Kevin Cook, The Last Headbangers (2012) [Review]
Nunyo Demasio, Parcells (2014) [Top Five: Giants]
John Eisenberg, Ten-Gallon War (2012) [Top Five: Chiefs] [Top Five: Cowboys]
Peter Golenbock, Cowboys Have Always Been My Heroes (1997) [Top Five: Cowboys]
Burk Murchison and Michael Granberry, Hole in the Roof (2023) [Review]
Jeff Pearlman, Boys Will Be Boys (2008) [Review] [Top Five: Cowboys]
Mark Ribowsky, The Last Cowboy (2014) [Top Five: Cowboys]
Duane Thomas (with Paul Zimmerman), Duane Thomas and the Fall of America’s Team (1988) [Top Five: Cowboys]

Dolphins (Miami)

Mark Ribowsky, Shula [Review]

Eagles (Philadelphia)

Matthew Algeo, Last Team Standing (2006) [Review] [Top Five: The NFL and the Presidency] [Top Five: Eagles]
Phil Anastasia, The 1960 Philadelphia Eagles (2001) [Top Five: Eagles]
Johnny Anonymous, NFL Confidential (2016) [Top Five: Confessionals]
Mark Bowden, Bringing the Heat (1994) [Review] [Top Five: Eagles]
Robert S Lyons, On Any Given Sunday (2009) [Top Five: Eagles]
Doug Pederson (with Dan Pompei), Fearless (2018) [Top Five: Eagles]

Falcons (Atlanta)

Tim Green, The Dark Side of the Game (1997) [Review] [Top Five: Confessionals]

Giants (New York)

Tom Callahan, The GM (2008) [Top Five: Giants]
Nunyo Demasio, Parcells (2014) [Top Five: Giants]
Bob Glauber, Guts and Genius (2018) [Review]
Jerry Izenberg, No Medals For Trying (1990) [Review] [Top Five: Insiders] [Top Five: Giants]
Adam Lazarus, Super Bowl Monday (2011) [Top Five: Super Bowl] [Top Five: Giants] [Top Five: The NFL and the Presidency]
Gary Myers, Once A Giant (2023) [Review]
Ernie Palladino, Lombardi and Landry (2012) [Top Five: Giants]

Jets (New York – previously New York Titans)

Dave Anderson, Countdown to Super Bowl (1969) [Top Five: Super Bowl]
Nunyo Demasio, Parcells (2014) [Top Five: Giants]
Nicholas Dawidoff, Collision Low Crossers (2013) [Review] [Top Five: Insiders]
Bob Lederer, Beyond Broadway Joe (2018) [Review]
Bill Ryczek, Crash of the Titans (2000) [Stub]
Paul Zimmerman, The Last Season of Weeb Ewbank (1974) [Review]

Lions (Detroit)

George Plimpton, Paper Lion (1965) [Review]

Packers (Green Bay)

Harvey Frommer, When It Was Just A Game (2015) [Top Five: Chiefs]
Jerry Kramer (with Dick Schaap): Instant Replay (1967) [Review] [Top Five: Packers]
David Maraniss, When Pride Still Mattered (2000) [Stub] [Top Five: Packers]
Larry Names, The History of the Green Bay Packers (1987-1995) [Stub] [Top Five: Packers]
Jeff Pearlman, Gunslinger (2016) [Top Five: Packers]
David Zimmerman, Curly Lambeau (2003) [Stub] [Top Five: Packers]

Patriots (New England – previously Boston)

Jeff Benedict, The Dynasty (2020) [Review] [Top Five: Autumn 2020]
Nunyo Demasio, Parcells (2014) [Top Five: Giants]
David Halberstam, The Education of a Coach (2005) [Review] [Feature] [Top Five: Patriots]
Michael Holley, War Room (2011) [Feature] [Top Five: Draft] [Top Five: Patriots]
Michael Lombardi, Gridiron Genius (2018) [Review]
Ian O’Connor, Belichick (2018) [Top Five: Patriots]
Charles P Pierce, Moving the Chains (2006) [Top Five: Patriots]
John Powers, Fridays With Bill (2018) [Review]
Christopher Price, The Blueprint (2007) [Feature]
Jerry Thornton, From Darkness to Dynasty (2016) [Top Five: Patriots]
Seth Wickersham, It’s Better to be Feared (2021) [Review]

Raiders (Las Vegas – previously Oakland/Los Angeles)

Bryan Burwell, Madden (2011) [Review] [Top Five: Raiders]
Kevin Cook, The Last Headbangers (2012) [Review]
Mike Freeman, Snake (2016) [Review] [Top Five: Raiders]
Bo Jackson, Bo Knows Bo (1990) [Top Five: Raiders]
John Madden, Hey Wait A Minute (I Wrote A Book) (1984) [Review]
Mark Ribowsky, Slick (1991) [Top Five: Raiders]
Peter Richmond, Badasses (2010) [Top Five: Raiders]

Rams (Los Angeles – previously Cleveland/ St Louis)

Jennifer Allen, Fifth Quarter (2000) [Top Five: Rams] [Stub]
Gretchen Atwood, Lost Champions (2016) [Top Five: Rams]
Roman Gabriel, Player of the Year (1970) [Top Five: Rams]
Deacon Jones, Headslap (1996) [Top Five: Rams]
James C Sulecki, The Cleveland Rams (2016) [Top Five: Rams]

Ravens (Baltimore)

John Feinstein, Next Man Up (2006) [Review] [Top Five: Insiders] [Top Five: Ravens]
The Quarterback (2018) [Review]
Ray Lewis, I Feel Like Going On (2015) [Top Five: Ravens]
Jon Morgan, Glory For Sale (1997) [Ravens] [Top Five: Business] [Top Five: Ravens]
Ted Patterson, Football in Baltimore (2013) [Top Five: Ravens]
Dean Smith, Never Easy, Never Pretty (2013) [Top Five: Ravens]

Saints (New Orleans)

Dave Dixon, The Saints, The Superdome and the Scandal (2016) [Top Five: Saints]
Jeff Duncan, Payton and Brees (2020) [Top Five: Saints]
Wayne Mack, The Saga of the Saints 1967-1991 (1991) [Top Five: Saints]
Mark Ribowsky, In the Name of the Father (2018) [Top Five: Saints]
Casey Schreiber, Saints in the Broken City (2016) [Top Five: Saints]

Steelers (Pittsburgh)

Matthew Algeo, Last Team Standing (2006) [Review] [Top Five: The NFL and the Presidency]
Bruce Arians, The Quarterback Whisperer (2017) [Review]
Roy Blount Jr, About Three Bricks Shy of a Load (1974) [Review] [Top Five: Insiders]
Kevin Cook, The Last Headbangers (2012) [Review] [Top Five: 1970s]
Gary M Pomerantz, Their Life’s Work (2014) [Top Five: 1970s]

Texans (Houston)

Wade Phillips, Son of Bum (2017) [Review]

Titans (Tennessee – previously Houston Oilers)

Ed Fowler, Loser Takes All (1997) [Review]