Round Zero by Andy Phillips, review

Andy Phillips interviews GMs, coaches, players and agents as he sheds light on the NFL Draft process.
Sam Darnold

The Q Factor by Brian Billick and James Dale, review

Former head coach Brian Billick and co-author James Dale attempt to bring clarity to the biggest challenge in NFL team-building - drafting a winning QB.

Crunching Numbers by Fitzgerald and Natarajan, review

The salary cap is as much a factor in NFL competition as what happens on the field. Crunching Numbers helps fans to understand how teams gain an advantage.

Gridiron Genius by Michael Lombardi, review

Former Patriots and Browns personnel man Michael Lombardi on the secrets of building a winning team.

Review: Sleepers, Busts and Franchise-Makers by Cliff Christl and Don Langenkamp

An excellent and entertaining overview of the history and development of the NFL Draft, published in 1980.

4th and Goal Every Day, Phil Savage

Inside the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Nick Saban 'Process' that has made the team dominant in recent years.

The Draft, Pete Williams

Pete Williams follows the players, agents, scouts and trainers preparing for the 2005 NFL Draft.