NFL pre-game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

The American Football Revolution by Ben Isaacs, review

The American Football Revolution tells the story of the NFL's rise in the UK, through the eyes of some of the sports most dedicated fans.

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Fred Segal offers the chance to smirk at some bad football takes - and learn some history on the way.

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The story of the Steelers and Eagles 1943 merger during the NFL's wartime player shortage.

The $1 League, Jim Byrne

The story of the ill-fated United States Football League, which took on the NFL in the 1980s.
NFL Football

NFL Football by Richard C Crepeau, review

In a revised edition for 2020, historian Richard C Crepeau describes the NFL's 100-year rise to dominate the US sports landscape.
Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday by Matthew Sherry, review

British NFL journalist's debut book is an accessible history of a century of NFL football.

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The two NFL playoff games on December 23, 1972, were so good that the day was the best in NFL history, argues Brad Schultz.

NFL 100 by Craig Ellenport, review

The 100 greatest moments from the NFL's first 100 years is one of those ideas that was waiting to be done. Craig Ellenport, former senior editor at, has taken up the challenge.