Blindsided by KC Joyner, review

A book that aims to be an evidence-based look at football assumptions is less enlightening than it could be.
Giants Stadium

No Medals for Trying by Jerry Izenberg, review

Jerry Izenberg follows the 1989 New York Giants for one week as they prepare for a crunch game against the Eagles.
Chasing the Bear

Chasing the Bear by Lars Anderson, review

Lars Anderson looks at the careers of two legendary Alabama coaches - Bear Bryant and Nick Saban.
Bill Belichick

The Education of a Coach by David Halberstam, review

David Halberstam's look at what Bill Belichick learned from the coaches he worked with is the closest anyone has come to being schooled in Belichick’s view of the game.

From Colts to Ravens by John Steadman, review

John Steadman covered Baltimore football for more than 50 years. This book shares his inside view.

Crunching Numbers by Fitzgerald and Natarajan, review

The salary cap is as much a factor in NFL competition as what happens on the field. Crunching Numbers helps fans to understand how teams gain an advantage.

The King of Sports by Gregg Easterbrook, review

Football faces problems that could eventually cause its demise, argues Gregg Easterbrook. In The King of Sports he proposes some solutions.

Sid Gillman by Josh Katzowitz, review

Sid Gillman is far less well known than contemporaries like Vince Lombardi and Paul Brown. Josh Katzowitz's biography attempts to change that.