Review: NFL 100 by Rob Fleder

There will be many books marking the NFL's 100th season over the next few months but this is the big one, the NFL's official tome, the one that gets the special logo and the fancy gold football on the cover.

The First 50 Years, NFL Properties

Written to mark 50 years of the NFL, this book remains an excellent read today.

The Draft, Pete Williams

Pete Williams follows the players, agents, scouts and trainers preparing for the 2005 NFL Draft.

Coach: A Season With Lombardi, Tom Dowling

Tom Dowling spent a year with Vince Lombardi in the great coach's final season.

Brainwashed, Merril Hoge

In Brainwashed, Hoge argues that the evidence for a link between football and CTE is overstated, incomplete or mistaken and that it is being exaggerated by people who plan to use it to destroy football.

The Billion Dollar Game, Allen St John

Allen St John, a former Wall Street Journal writer, attempts to provide an overview of everything that goes into making the Super Bowl happen, with mixed results.

Review: Scoreboard, Baby by Ken Armstrong and Nick Perry

Ken Armstrong and Nick Perry's excellent book on the scandal-soaked 2000 Washington Huskies is an essential read.
Roger Goodell

Big Game, Mark Leibovich

Mark Leibovich, who writes for the New York Times Magazine and mostly deals in the world of politics, goes behind the scenes of the NFL.