Tag: 1950s

The Pros, Robert Riger & Tex Maule

The Pros collects work from Sports Illustrated photographer and illustrator Robert Riger, with commentary from Tex Maule.

The Best Game Ever, Mark Bowden

The 1958 NFL Championship Game was groundbreaking - this book explains why.

America’s Game, Michael MacCambridge

If Michael MacCambridge's history of the NFL isn't the greatest football book ever written, then there are few better.

Johnny U, Tom Callahan

The first biography of legendary Baltimore Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas.

The Birth of Football’s Modern 4-3 Defense, TJ Troup

This book is a year-by-year breakdown of how defensive strategy in NFL football evolved into the modern 4-3 defense.

The Best Show in Football, Andy Piascik

The story of the Cleveland Browns dynasty of the mid-1940s to mid1950s.

The Golden Age of Pro Football, Mickey Herskowitz

Mickey Herskowitz recounts the story of pro football in the 1950s.