Tag: 1960s

Review: Beyond Broadway Joe by Bob Lederer

Bob Lederer's Beyond Broadway Joe looks, as the title suggests, at the other players that formed the Super Bowl III-winning New Yorks Jets.

Review: The Other League by Jack Horrigan and Mike Rathet

Published in 1970, The Other League serves as a handsome memorial to the American Football League, which merged with the NFL after its 1969 season.

Review: Mavericks, Money and Men, Charles K Ross

The AFL changed football in many ways but perhaps one of the most important was in the role of black players.

Review: Collision of Wills, Jack Gilden

It would benefit from a tighter focus but this book on the tension between Don Shula and Johnny Unitas contains plenty of good anecdotes.

America’s Game, Michael MacCambridge

If Michael MacCambridge's history of the NFL isn't the greatest football book ever written, then there are few better.

Out of Their League, Dave Meggyesy

A blistering assault on football and its institutions that exposed racism, drug-taking, orgies and corruption.

Johnny U, Tom Callahan

The first biography of legendary Baltimore Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas.

Browns Town 1964, Terry Pluto

Terry Pluto tells the story of the 1964 Browns, the last Browns team to win an NFL championship.