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Top five: books for Oakland Raiders fans

A larger than life team, known for tough, exciting and slightly reckless football. Here are five essential reads for Raiders fans.

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Top five: books for Baltimore Ravens fans

In 20-something years, the Ravens haven't inspired many books, but the ones they have inspired are very good indeed. Fans will enjoy this list - and so will any football fan.

Gary Myers: ‘The Cowboys are a $5bn Mom and Pop operation’

Gary Myers, an author and journalist who has covered the NFL for 40 years talks about the Cowboys, writing and his favourite books.

Top five: books about the business of football

Every aspect of the NFL is governed by ruthless business logic. Here are five of the best books to shed light on the business side of the game.

Hank Gola: ‘I wanted to write it as a gift to...

Hank Gola has been a sportswriter for more than 40 years. His latest book, City of Champions, tells the fascinating story of the 1939 high school national champions.

Top five: NFL history books

If you want to get to grips with the 100-year history of the NFL then these five books are a good place to start.

Top five: Super Bowl books

Interested in how the Super Bowl became one of the world's biggest sporting events? Here are five great reads on the big game.