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The Games That Changed the Game, Ron Jaworski

Ron Jaworski breaks down seven games that had a game-changing influence on NFL strategy.

The Pro Football Chronicle, Dan Daly & Bob O’Donnell

An irreverent and wide-ranging guide to some of the most outrageous stories and wildest feats in football history.

The Blind Side, Michael Lewis

The Blind Side traces the development of the left tackle and tells the story of Michael Oher, whose life may just be transformed by his physique.

America’s Game, Michael MacCambridge

If Michael MacCambridge's history of the NFL isn't the greatest football book ever written, then there are few better.

Monday Night Mayhem, Marc Gunther & Bill Carter

The behind-the-scenes story of the creation of ABC television's Monday Night Football.

Rockin’ the Rockpile, Jeffrey Miller

Rockin' the Rockpile (ECW Press, 2007) Jeffrey Miller Buy: Amazon US Listed: Pro Football Journal Top 100, #100 A detailed overview of the Buffalo Bills in the American...

The History of the Green Bay Packers vols 1-4, Larry Names

A four-volume history of the early years of the Green Bay Packers.

My Life With the Redskins, Corinne Griffith

Corinne Griffith, actress and author, remembers her time married to Redskins owner George Preston Marshall.