Brian Billick

Brian Billick: How do we take Trubisky at one and let...

Brian Billick on the difficulty with evaluating QBs, writing with Bill Walsh, and the ever-changing nature of the NFL.
Matthew Sherry

Matthew Sherry: Everything goes back to Bert Bell

Matthew Sherry is the founder and editor of Gridiron, the UK's only NFL magazine. His first book, Any Given Sunday, relates the history of the NFL by focusing on 20 of the most important games.

Doug Farrar: ‘Clark Shaughnessy was an overlooked innovator’

Doug Farrar talks about the history of NFL strategy and his first book, The Genius of Desperation.

Ralph Hickok: Crashing the Hall of Fame with Johnny Blood

Ralph Hickok, a sports historian for more than 50 years, talks football books, writing and Johnny Blood.
Peter King

Peter King: ‘I like writing things that haven’t been written before’

A sportswriter and author with almost 40 years experience, Peter King talks about his writing approach, favourite football books and one book he wish had been written.

John Feinstein: ‘I’m not their buddy but I want them to...

Prolific sports writer John Feinstein discusses the life of an NFL quarterback and how he gains the trust of his subjects.

John Eisenberg: ‘The NFL aimed to always put the game first’

John Eisenberg talks about the early days of the NFL, covered in his new book, The League, and shares some of his favourite books.

Hank Gola: ‘I wanted to write it as a gift to...

Hank Gola has been a sportswriter for more than 40 years. His latest book, City of Champions, tells the fascinating story of the 1939 high school national champions.